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32 weeks

how far along? 32 weeks ~ size of a jicama and weight of a small sack of potatoes
total weight gain: 25 pounds
maternity clothes: did a little damage at asos maternity // got a couple holiday dresses i'm really excited about!!
stretch marks? no
sleep: getting a little better as far as length goes. however, i did have the most horrible nightmare the other night. i'm not even going to say what, it was just terrible. bleh. pregnancy dreams seem so real.
best moments this week: an extra hour of sleep // dinner date with husband talking baby names & parenting strategies // celebrating 2 years of marriage with yummy takeout & a movie on the couch~it was HEAVEN!
missing anything? putting on my shoes each morning with ease
movement: tons! it's neat seeing the look on faces of friends or people at work feeling the feet jabs and her little rump poking out
food cravings: not many cravings this week besides diet coke... oh, and red robin ranch :D
anything making you sick or queasy? nothin
labor signs? no
symptoms: feels like mini is taking up residency in my ribs these days!
belly button in or out? just chillin at half way out
wedding rings on or off? on
pedicure color: whitish pinkish, called "easy going"
how many people have touched your belly this week? a few
mood: to be honest, after our hospital labor & delivery tour, i'm nervous. seeing the rooms, the beds, the halls, we left a bit speechless realizing this is happening!! and the unknown scares me right now. thankful that God will carry us through each step. 
looking forward to: a weekend with grampa & granny // and the reschedule of our maternity shoot :)

// erin


31 weeks

how far along? 31 weeks ~ size of a coconut or pineapple
total weight gain: 23 pounds
maternity clothes: a little of this a little of that // loving the non-maternity mid-thigh cotton dresses, paired with leggings of course. (the legs are lookin a little gnarly these days)
stretch marks? no, but my belly is starting to feel tight. so, maybe soon?
sleep: still on the rough side
best moments this week: my shower! it was all things gold and fabulous with mini champs bottles as favors :) i felt blessed to have my little washington support system there // sister, granny, husband, and i decorating the nursery walls with gold polka dots // finishing up our childbirth prep classes and watching husband hold and swaddle that fake baby. he's going to be a great dad.
missing anything? probably just rest
movement: yep, and it's becoming more and more prominent! i think her feet are on my left side (previously thought to be an elbow) and head or rear towards the right front
food cravings: we had peanut butter m&m's at the shower and i haven't stopped eating them since...
anything making you sick or queasy: not really
labor signs: no, just a sore tummy from the stretching
symptoms: getting around slower, even a simple walk to bathroom leaves me quite out of breath
belly button in or out? a tiny bit out, it's holding on for dear life :)
wedding rings on or off? on
how many people have touched your belly this week? maybe 8ish
mood: feeling beyond blessed, yet worn out
looking forward to: this weekend we are touring the hospital where mini will be born! :) another reality check. // and our maternity photo shoot with kristal joy photography. (she shot our mini reveal as well) please say a prayer for no rain!

// erin


30 weeks

how far along? 30 weeks ~ 10 weeks to go! size of a head of cabbage or cucumber (i'm confused, those are 2 very different looking vegetables...)
total weight gain: 22 pounds
maternity clothes: i did a lot of flowy oversized things in paris and would dress them up with a blazer or scarf, though all the layers are getting quite uncomfortable as i grow bigger; definitely felt like a marshmallow at times. but at least i could zip up my jackets! ;)
stretch marks? no
sleep: as the week in paris went on, we got less & less; some mornings we'd have to be up by 4:30 or 5am for a tour. all so worth it though!
best moments this week: securing our lock to the lock bridge & throwing the key into the seine // climbing 300 steps to the top of the arc de triomphe // tasting grapes off the vine of the moet & chandon/dom perignon vineyards // lunch at the top of the eiffel tower & seeing it sparkle each night // eating macaroons in bed // buying mini her very first peacoat! // the look on husband's face after trying his first espresso // getting lost on the metro // wandering the gardens of versailles // so many memories made with mon amour
missing anything? my bed & american food. sorry paris, but i couldn't eat most of your delicacies!
movement: more of the elbow jab
food cravings: any paris pastry! the gaufre was our favorite~basically a fresh crispy waffle with your choice of toppings (nutella, powdered sugar, etc.) they had me at "waffle"...
anything making you sick or queasy: all of the cigarette smoke in the air there // i actually did get sick the 2nd day in, not too fun
labor signs: no
symptoms: all the walking and standing really took a toll on my body~legs swollen all over, the amount of varicose veins seems to have doubled. acid was the worst it's been and my round ligaments were screaming at me by the end of each day. it could be so much worse though. a friend of mine is dealing with a separated pelvis during her pregnancy, i can't imagine how painful that must be.
belly button in or out? half way out
wedding rings on or off? on
pedicure color: navy
how many people have touched your belly this week? 3
mood: exhausted, but very thankful
looking forward to: a refreshed routine // maybe some sleep?? // mini's washington shower this weekend!

// erin


29 weeks

how far along? 29 weeks ~ size of a butternut squash, how perfectly fall-ish
total weight gain: 21 pounds
maternity clothes: a mix of both // i was able to get my non-maternity jackets zipped up all the way in paris, which was a huge accomplishment i must say :)
stretch marks? no
sleep: we actually got less sleep in paris than we do here! but when i was asleep, i was out
best moments this week: pumpkin carving/painting party with friends before we left // fitting everything into my suitcase! // seeing the eiffel tower for the first time, it felt like a dream (more paris best moments coming in week 30!)
missing anything? not a thing! i was on vacation :)
movement: lately she's been loving to stick her little elbow practically through the left side of my tummy, and then leaving it there for a bit...
food cravings: ate almost an entire bag of candy corn on the flight to france, oops!
anything making you sick or queasy: that bag of candy corn i just ate... 
labor signs: no
symptoms: nothing new this week
belly button in or out? it's just chillin now at about half way out
wedding rings on or off? on!
pedicure color: navy
mood: in awe, there were so many amazing things to see & do!
looking forward to: finding something fabulous for mini in paris

// erin


28 weeks

how far along? 28 weeks aka the 3rd trimester! ~ size of an eggplant
total weight gain: no increase this week, holding at 20 lbs
maternity clothes: still rockin the H&M maternity jeans & leggings and some basics for layering like tanks & long sleeve shirts // i did get a couple more normal people sweaters this weekend for our trip that i can wear after mini too :)
stretch marks? no
sleep: same
best moments this week: got some pretty good laughs out of our childbirth prep class when prompted to reenact faux contractions at random times throughout the 3 hours...we had zero clue what to do...take a walk? crack jokes? hee hee hooo? // went shopping for airplane snacks // and even got a few more things for the nursery ~ thank you home goods & land of nod!
missing anything? a day without heartburn
movement: yep! i still don't think she sleeps in there
food cravings: i'm totally diggin the veggies & ranch thing this week, and then there's the usual nightly bowl of breyer's mint & chip
anything making you sick or queasy: not really
labor signs: nope, but now i know what a labor sign is thanks to our class and my notes :)
symptoms: swollen feet/legs, some funky side pain, and a big belly! really starting to feel pregnant these days
belly button in or out? still hangin in there
wedding rings on or off? on
pedicure color: dark red
how many people have touched your belly this week? 2
mood: excited
looking forward to: a week without a to-do list or deadline in sight! // celebrating 2 years of marriage, our 30th birthdays, and a mini on the way in PARIS!! hopefully deciding on a name while we're at it // see you in a couple weeks.

thank you all for reading & going along this journey with me. :)

// erin


27 weeks

how far along? 27 weeks ~ size of a head of cauliflower // she's doubled in weight from 4 weeks ago
total weight gain: 20 pounds
maternity clothes: mostly just pants still, and on the lookout for some chunky cozy sweaters 
stretch marks? not that i can see
sleep: pretty much have given up on this one
best moments this week: sister flew up to surprise me for my birthday and helped so much to make a dent in the nursery. so thankful for her amazing vision & servant's heart. // taking time to stop the crazy and do something fun, thank you becky! // had another great dr. check-up...glucose test came back normal, measuring great, and officially cleared for our anniversary/birthday/babymoon trip to paris!! 
missing anything? family
movement: we love just watching my belly, seeing it rise and lower in different spots, wondering if that was an elbow, a foot, or a head
food cravings: coffee frappuccinos! double blended please :)
anything making you sick or queasy: no for once!
labor signs: no
symptoms: i have a new one to add to the list, leg cramps!! holy stink. i woke up the other night literally screaming from a calf cramp that moved into my shin and then into my hamstring. worst pain of my life, no joke. (i have a feeling that will change soon) and our neighbors, are officially worried
belly button in or out? it's kinda poking halfway out
wedding rings on or off? on
pedicure color: a deep yummy fall red
how many people have touched your belly this week? 6!
mood: all over the place
looking forward to: getting some house projects done this weekend. // and a stroll through paris in the rain... *sigh*

// erin


26 weeks

how far along? 26 weeks ~ length of a scallion // size of an eggplant or head of lettuce
total weight gain: 19 pounds, i think mini had a growth spurt!
maternity clothes: yep! fall is officially here, so layering the bump might prove to be a challenge. pretty sure i won't be able to zip or button up any of my jackets. :)
stretch marks? no
sleep: yes please
best moments this week: turning 30 was pretty exciting! i celebrated with lots of christmas music and by going to our first of 6 childbirth prep classes. hoping for a little ease of the anxiety, i think it had the opposite effect! i know i will be just fine, so many strong women do it every day. the class just made it all real and like most first time moms, i don't feel ready in the slightest. // going to the foot doctor! as funny as that sounds, he fixed something that had been bothering me for years, ahh relief! AND wore a red bow tie which made me smile.
missing anything? doing nothing and watching whatever is taking up 88% on my tivo
movement: the same, mostly when i'm sitting down at work or after a meal
food cravings: currently on my 3rd bowl of raisin bran for the day :) the milk seems to help the heartburn a bit too
anything making you sick or queasy: chicken is getting better, but mushrooms, not so much
labor signs: no
symptoms: all the same stuff
belly button in or out? still in
wedding rings on or off? on
pedicure color: gold & dark taupe
how many people have touched your belly this week? maybe 5?
mood: all over the place
looking forward to: mini's crib arriving! // and craft night with a friend...we're glittering pumpkins! i can't wait to put them everywhere :)

// erin


25 weeks

how far along? 25 weeks ~ size of a rutabaga (i had to look it up too!)
total weight gain: 17 pounds
maternity clothes? i've been trying to find more flowy tops vs. maternity ones with the hope to wear them after baby too, anthropologie has been my go-to this week. dangerous!
stretch marks? no
sleep: yes please
best moments this week: going home for mini's ca shower! she got spoiled and i felt so loved. thank you everyone who came, each of you have blessed my life and it meant the world to me that you were a part of it!! // shopping with mamma aka granny for some new braziers~she's wanted to do this for years, so generous of her. and thank goodness, because i seem to be coming out of everything these days ;) // and my glucose test being DONE (for now)
missing anything? normal looking feet?
movement: holy cow. this week i have an alien living inside of me. no more sweet kicks or love taps, but full on body rolls and stretches. i could watch my belly for hours!
food cravings: all i wanted when i got off that plane was a cheeseburger, protein style, with a side of fries. #thankyouinnout
anything making you sick or queasy: chicken, but i still manage to eat it as long as it's in a bite with something else :)
labor signs: no
symptoms: my acid/heartburn has been getting gradually worse. any remedies for this? #thankfulfortums
belly button in or out? in! but i have a feeling not for long
wedding rings on or off? on
pedicure color: gold fingers // dark taupe-y toes
how many people have touched your belly this week? i lost count at 22... 
mood: still changes by the minute
looking forward to: turning 30 next week!! // going to the podiatrist (my feet can't seem to hold me up anymore) #gettingold // and starting our childbirth prep classes, eek!

// erin


24 weeks

how far along? 24 weeks ~ size of an ear of corn // half gallon of milk
total weight gain: 16 pounds
maternity clothes? yes & no // found some leggings! and also got a cute flowery pair // still wearing some of my regular pants using the rubber band trick. but i broke one the other day, so maybe it's time to make the full transition...
stretch marks? nope
sleep: a little better, yay!
best moments this week: grampa visiting! (husband's dad) // our rocker arriving, here's a sneak peak // and a few hours at the salon getting my mane tamed, i don't think i've sat still for that long in months 
missing anything? just time and more of it
movement: starting to feel differences in the movements, some are more sharp & defined, some more roly poly...foot vs. rear maybe? // ps...is a lot of movement ever a bad thing? sometimes at work while i'm leaning forward at my computer, i worry i'm squishing her and wonder if she's moving so much to let me know she's uncomfortable. thoughts? i'm sure i'm just being a worry wart :)
food cravings: so, i know i've despised meat for months, but this weekend my father-in-law made us steak with homemade seasonings and a touch of melted blue cheese, pretty much the best thing i've ever tasted and now i want it every night
anything making you sick or queasy: chicken
labor signs: i sure hope not
symptoms: oh hello varicose veins...
belly button in or out? in
wedding rings on or off? on
how many people have touched your belly this week? 2, mini definitely needs some more belly love!
mood: i feel like it changes by the minute these days
looking forward to: seeing family & some of my closest friends at mini's orange county shower this weekend; some for the first time since the wedding almost 2 years ago! eee!!

// erin


i had every intention of posting this on labor day... :)

23 weeks

how far along? 23 weeks ~ size of a mango
total weight gain: 15 pounds // a steady 1 lb per week gain!
maternity clothes? guess who i just found out has a maternity line?? ...J.CREW! my life has officially been made ;) looks like it's just pants right now, but i'm excited to see if it grows into more
stretch marks? nope
sleep: i sleep pretty deep when i finally get in bed, only wake up about once a night to use the restroom
best moments this week: our beautiful changing table arrived!!! // daddy built the stroller // ordered curtains & some accent items for the nursery // and had a relaxing morning in the park with my man, not a to-do list in sight!
missing anything? not being so stinkin emotional
movement: pretty sure this girl is like her mamma and never sleeps! she's moving so much. and even kicked the doppler device twice when the doctor tried to check her heartbeat!
food cravings: breyers mint 'n chip, every night! pizza, and lately i've been craving sprite so badly after eating anything salty
anything making you sick or queasy: still chicken/beef, trying to get my protein through things like peanut butter, eggs & nuts 
symptoms: nothing new this week, but i did come away from our dr. appt. with podiatrist & chiropractor referrals and prescriptions for physical & massage therapy // my body does not like me anymore
belly button in or out? in
wedding ring on or off? on
pedicure color: same as last week, lincoln park after dark (i was in a fall mood)
how many people have touched your belly this week? not many, just husband and the doctor at our check-up
mood: well, i finished off almost an entire carton of ice cream last night, tears falling while spending way too much online shopping for baby clothes #preggotherapy (see "missing anything?")
looking forward to: all the fun stuff i ordered this weekend arriving!!

// erin



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