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35 weeks

Monday, November 25th
Posted by abitofpop

35 weeks

how far along? 35 weeks ~ size of a honeydew melon (over 18 inches long)
total weight gain: 28 lbs // measuring about a week behind, but that's totally normal
maternity clothes: yes & no // looking forward to purchasing some more comfy pj's now that work is DONE // what are your favorite pregnancy pj's?
stretch marks: no
sleep: super not comfortable, even the snoogle has lost it's touch // doctor said mini's head is way way down, contributing to a lot of the discomfort...she must be ready to come out! i mean i would be too if i knew Christmas was coming... *<|;o)
best moments this week: my last day of work!! ...can i get an AMEN?? // getting fed cake at my work baby shower // great check-up from the doctor ~ that heartbeat gets me every time // and running errands with husband, i love time with him and just holding his hand
missing anything? tracy anderson's pregnancy project ~ another thing i hope to ease into now that i'll have a bit more time on my hands
movement: still bouncing around in there, her precious leg stretches are my favorite. i can almost make out a foot!
food cravings: food has been tough lately, i'll have 2 bites and be so full. but i did make room for my favorite grilled cheese sandwich today. :)
anything making you sick or queasy? the chicken aversion has kinda come back a little bit
labor signs? i don't think so!
symptoms: bumping into things 
belly button in or out? half way out
wedding rings on or off? on, but it sure is getting snug
pedicure color: nothin
mood: feeling very under prepared
looking forward to: spending 3 days with the in-laws showing them around our little town // thanksgiving dinner at the top of the space needle // black friday shopping with glamma krista #ihopeidontdie // more christmas decorating // and a little pampering next week!

happy thanksgiving everyone!! // i'm so thankful for each of you that take an interest in my little life, thank you for following along!

// erin