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emma ray // 3 months

i know, i'm late! i've got about 4 other half-completed posts to finish as well. goodness, i just can't keep up these days. but i'm learning that's all part of the greatest job i've ever known -- patience with myself through the simply difficult things, humility in slowing down, and how to truly be still and know. thank you Jesus for choosing me to be stretched and blessed like this.

Tuesday, May 6th
Posted by abitofpop

maternity photo shoot

if you haven't already noticed, it's blog catch-up week for me!
today i am posting some, ok a lot, of pictures from our maternity shoot with kristal joy photography. i was 33 weeks along at this point and i'm not going to lie, i miss the bump! i love the crisp fall-ish feel of these and her creativity in capturing such a sweet time of our lives.
aaand my husband is such a hunk. ;)

Monday, January 20th
Posted by abitofpop

39 weeks

hello and happy new year!! no, i am not 43 weeks pregnant. ;) my life has just been overtaken and graced by the biggest blessing i have ever known. our little mini arrived on 12-20-13... and rather quickly i might add! i will tell more of her birth story when i post her beautiful face in a few days. for now... here's my final bump shoot. sorry for the terrible picture, i was in labor!!

39 weeks

Sunday, January 19th
Posted by abitofpop


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