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maternity photo shoot

if you haven't already noticed, it's blog catch-up week for me!
today i am posting some, ok a lot, of pictures from our maternity shoot with kristal joy photography. i was 33 weeks along at this point and i'm not going to lie, i miss the bump! i love the crisp fall-ish feel of these and her creativity in capturing such a sweet time of our lives.
aaand my husband is such a hunk. ;)

Monday, January 20th
Posted by abitofpop

39 weeks

hello and happy new year!! no, i am not 43 weeks pregnant. ;) my life has just been overtaken and graced by the biggest blessing i have ever known. our little mini arrived on 12-20-13... and rather quickly i might add! i will tell more of her birth story when i post her beautiful face in a few days. for now... here's my final bump shoot. sorry for the terrible picture, i was in labor!!

39 weeks

Sunday, January 19th
Posted by abitofpop


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